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Police in India carrying out “contract killings”? This is

Within this article from The Times of London it is implicated that police in India may be carrying out contract killings under the guise of police work. According to the article, certain members of the police in India are killing unarmed suspects and lying about what happened in order to forgo trials...

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Swamiji Nithyananda Shocking Sex Video And Oil Massage Video With Actress

Posted by meghana_sharma | Posted in Others | Posted on 04-03-2010



Swamy Nityananda is the most popular among Bhakti channel viewers. He has great following for his preaching on Bhagawadgeeta etc. He hails from Tamil Nadu  and freshly he was trapped having sex with a popular Tamil actress. A spy camera was placed in bed room and he was caught red handed in that while drinking beer, swallowing a Viagra pill and making hardcore love with Tamil actress. We will be revealing the name of Tamil actress shortly as her face was blurred in the video. The video was shown by SUN TV and then ABN Andhra Jyothy freshly.

Just a couple of days ago, Kalki Bhagawan was in discussion for addicting his devotees with drugs and now Swamy Nityananda is a rogue in the eyes of public with this video.



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What makes well educated and cultured people give up their life, family, career and property and go chase these cult leaders? Maybe I don’t understand, but I have a fundamental problem with these godmen who promise enlightenment for money.

Is this some sort of assembly-line enlightenment factory to make thousands of Buddhas or Ramas on payment of lots of cash?

Also, can they demonstrate even one single so-called “enlightened” person as a result of their expensive programs?